Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What a week, and it's not even over

First of all, I would like to say congratulations to Wouter and myself! (haha, sounds so selfish)
We had our one-year anniversary yesterday :)

I'm finally able to sit down in the sofa and let the feelings calm. This week has been crazy! And it's not even over yet.
I wasn't expecting the case to get as big as it's becoming. For a girl being locked inside her room for a year, taking small steps to get used to the world and the people around her, the attention I'm getting, is massive! 
And it's not just good attention, either. I would though, like to say thanks to all the positive feedback I have been getting, from known and uknown! It's incredible to get this sort of support. And I feel honored to be a part of putting light on a cause that is important to Norway in many ways. I was prepared for critics too, I just wasn't aware that this would get so big! 

Yesterday, I experienced a very bad case of criticism. One of the leading work-out inspirations on TV, Kari Jaquesson, wrote a blog post about what has been shown on TV. She writes about how my mother has let me down in my childhood. It shocked me, and hurt me, to read all these accusations and negativity directed to my mom, when my mom has been there for me all these years. Trying to find out what to do, trying to go to the hospital for help, to the doctors, trying to help me, when she herself was ill. She did all she could. I read that letting your children be obese was child abuse! How can they think my mom WANTED me to be obese? She tried so hard. And it's easy, when you don't know what our story is, when you don't know our life line, to say that this is wrong and that is wrong, easy to find someone to blame. It's easy to be wise when it has already happened. But that doesn't mean you can change that it actually DID happen. I just think it's so wrong that a person of her status, should choose her words wiser. I'm sure everyone has their thoughts, good or bad, and I'm not saying everyone should make the choice I made, I'm just saying that for me it was the right choice. No matter what anyone says. I would have been dead, if it wasn't for this. I don't know what will happen in the future, but I HAVE a future. 

I'm going to rest my thoughts for a bit now, regain strength for tomorrow's debate show with a crossword-magazine and Costume. 

Oh, and I would like to end this post with a welcome to our newest family member, Biffen, who joined us today :)
Isn't he just adorable? He's my little brother's dog, they live at home with my mom, but I can still come and steal him for a little while now and then. :)

Good night! At least in a little while :)



  1. You are so brave! I admiere you and your mom.One Work out guru in norway, need to learn som psycologi. Good luck Camilla <3

    1. Thank you so much, Monica! All the positiveness makes me stronger :)

  2. Stay strong Camilla! I was going to write something wise to say but 1. you don't need it and 2. Biffen robbed me of all my attention ;)

    1. I'll keep on climbing my mountain! :D
      I know right, Biffen seems to have that affect on people xD


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