Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Major 2013 summer shoe wants.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dolan pls, u kno teh pries.

So much want on all of this. 

(You can press the photos to see the items in their shops)
 I have a major crush on lilac nowadays. I absolutely love the lilac grunge look, getting to mix cute and innocent with edgy and rough.
These are some of the items I hope to put in my closet the nearest future <3

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello, and welcome to deserted blog, where no one rarely post... ever. 

Okey, so my poor blog is lonely. I think it just has to be till I find the time for it again. Not that I don't have the time, it's just my head doesn't. So from now on I'll just try to post whenever I feel up for it.

Okay, so I probably have the best mom in the world. Look what she bought me!
I've been trying to add more colours to my life lately, as I feel the black and white thing we have going on in the appartment, is killing my creativity a bit. I feel as if colours might help me have a lighter mind.
My mom bought me these supercute bowls for putting salads and stuff in, and they are so adorable!

She also got me a little palm tree. It doesn't have a pot yet, haha. But it's still lovely!
We went to Sweden last week, which was quite a lot of fun. My mom went on a shoe rampage,
and bought her self NINE(!!) pairs of shoes!
I also got this lovely box for putting crackers in. It's so cuuute!

So I probably have the best grandmother aswell! She got me these today:
Aren't they pretty? I love their colours. And the pots are so cool! They are light pink and have the patterns of old tapestry. <3

I also got two packages in the mail this week!
 I love getting packages from ImYourPresent! It seriously feels like a present even though you buy it for yourself, haha. I bought this alien necklace and a silver confetti necklace with my name on it.
The package was wrapped in purple paper, and had a tootsie rool, a dog sticker and tiny yellow heart-shaped earrings (which I forgot to photograph) in it! These packages never seem to disappoint me. I love people who make so much effort with their business.

 I also finally got my Sugarpill package! I already ordered a package there from before, which I absolutely loved, so I decided to try out a few new colours. The loose eyeshadows are gold and light green, the last one is orange - the eyelashes are black, green and purple! They look so amazing. I can't wait to try them out!

On another note, my little darling burrito has been Holland for 20 days now. He left there to work. He will be home in about ten days, and hopefully he will be staying when he comes back. I am preparing a goodie bag for him till he gets back, so exciting!

I miss my burrito.

On an unrelated note, this is how I've been feeling lately - poop.

Peace out and all that stuff :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Okey, so I seem to fail pretty much at updating here now.
There's been a lot of darkness surrounding my thoughts lately. Days when even plugging in my camera seems too much. I even have loads of material I could blog about, but typing just gets too much. so when I have good days, my goals usually are
1) talking to people (seems pretty silly, but talking to people is a thing I sometimes cannot handle at all)
2) doing things I like

My next goal is trying to blog about small things.. Like shoes. Or hair. Or cats..
Starting now :
/Pictures from Nasty Gal/
Oh... My.. God.
I would die for these shoes. Or sell my soul.
Been looking for cool sandals for summer in quite a while, but none have really appealed to me - untill I found these! Can just imagine putting these together with literally almost everything I have, and they would look killer. Someone buy me!! :)


Friday, June 1, 2012

Leggings and stuff!

I had my birthday yesterday, and I got these amazing leggings from my mom!
So this is just a quick update of a few photos of my new, lovely spandex <3

I had such a great day yesterday. I got this amazing photo from Elise ( go to her blog here ), who is such a talent at drawing <3 It made me super happy!

When I came to work, the class I was in sang me the birthday song in English!
Then, when I came to after-school care, they sang again, and my super lovely co-worker had made me brownies <3 And I got loads of hugs and congratulations, and some of the kids drew me cards and drawings. D'aaw.

When I came home, I celebrated a bit with my mom, dad, brother, my grandma and my boyfriend.
I regret now not taking a photo, it was so nice to all be gathered, and I made us my favourite dish, aswell!
Curry wok, yumm.

Oh, I also got some new packages in the mail lately, I'll be putting up some updates very, very soon. I'll also try to put up a picture of the birthday presents I've gotten and that I am getting, but they haven't all arrived yet, so I thought I'd just wait with that for a bit.
But I'll show you one special I got today, futuring these killer Studded Tardy's from Jeffrey Campell!

Aren't they amazing?! I entered a friend competition with Elise on www.idontlikemondays.us , where we could both win 100$'s each. And we were superlucky and won!
Elise got herself some superkiller shoes from Substitute, and I got these babies <3 I also ordered a rib cage ring while I was at it, hihi! I'll be trying to remember to take a photo of that one aswell!

Finishing off with a picture of how I did my nails on my birthday:3
Party nails!
(And some new jewellry, too!)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

My birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up!
The 31st of May, I will have survived 20 years!
I decided to make a wishlist to put on my blog, of lovely things I've been drooling on for quite a bit <3 

Leggings :
I rarely wear pants anymore. Actually, I don't even remember the last time I wore pants..
-Gold Suspenders
-Red and Black Leggings
- Red and Black Curcuit Board Leggings
- Tetris Leggings
- Black Suspender Leggings

- Ripped Leggings

- Pantyhose Suspenders

 Sweaters and jackets : 
As I have quite a few stating and outstanding leggings, it's always easy to style them with a sweater!
Also, I've been longing for a furry jacket for quite a while. These are adorable!

- Kitty sweater

- Panda Sweat Jacket
- Monster Sweater

- Fake Fur Jacket White
- Fake Fur Jacket Black

 Tops and dresses : 
Summer is coming up, and I'm dying to get my hands on some of these summery, light dresses and tops <3

- Red Crochet Dress
- White Short Lace Tied Dress
- White Hi Low Tied Dress
- Layered White Shirt Dress
-Black Bra Bustier

- White and Blue Bubble Dress
- Blue Mountain Top

- Denim Lace Spike Shirt
 Skirts and shorts :

- Colourful Aztec Skirt

- Blue Leopard Tube Skirt
- Purple Tube Skirt

- Floral Skirt
- Lace Denim shorts

Shoes :
The finisher to every outfit! Droool.

- Floral Platform Sneakers
- Chunky Heel Sandals
- Mint Blue Heels
- Red/Brown Leopard Platforms
- Black/White Platforms

- Strapped Black Platform Heels

- Red Leopard and Black Platforms

 Accesoires :
Things I feel naked without.

- Shield Ring
- Shield Necklace
- Bullet Necklace

- Rubber Band Cross Bracelets
- Lightning Ring
- Spike Bracelet
- Skeleton Hugs Ring

- Rainbow Backpack
- Floral Headband
- Blue Sunglasses
- Brown Sunglasses

This is like the biggest wishlist ever, haha.
What can I say, I'm an addict! :)
Make me happy and bring me these things for my birthday, I will love you forever <3


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tick tick...

It's been ages. Literally.
I've had a lot going on the last few weeks.
Well, not to the open eye. I've been struggling with my own thoughts and emotions.
It's been feeling like I multiplied myself with ten inside of my head, and then every me had a different level on their voice, and different statements, but they were all negative. It has been so tireing and stressful, I felt like banging my head into the wall for more than once. Luckily I have a very understanding workplace and family, so I've been able to build myself up the last few weeks by lot of sleep and relaxation.

So the reason why I haven't blogged is simply because I've been too "busy talking to myelf".

But I'm making it up now!
Starting with this outfit photo:

I wore this the 1st of May.
1st of May this year was a big day for me. First time on stage in 5 years.
5 years of experiencing dark places of my mind..
Standing in front of a crowd after so long, such a huge step. I was nervous to death. Shaking so much I made tiny little earthquakes on the stage. Haha, seriously!
I forgot the entire first song. So glad I brought lyrics, so I could jump back in. But I was struggling so much.
As I finished and walked off stage, I was so broke down I almost cried. But I didn't, and that itself is a victory for me.
But it has made me think of whether or not this is a closed chapter in my life, or a chapter not ready to be written? I have another place to sing in a few months, and I've decided to take it. And after that, we will see.

New things, yaay!
I ordered my first order on Romwe, and I can really tell a difference from paying for shipping and not. The package took ages! Still though, it is a great site who offers a variety of clothing and accesoires.
I ordered these cat earrings (crazy catladyyy), who I got to wear once before they broke :( But I'm going to try to fix them, as they are supercute!

I also ordered Wine Red velvet Leggings(left). Being a hardcore Black Milk fan, I can really tell I've gotten picky. The waistband is so short and it gives me the biggest muffintop. But they are still gorgeous!
I also ordered a new pair of hosiery from ASOS, since I always instantly break them and need a constant refill.

 I also got this peachy nude lipstick from Jemma Kidd, that I've kind of gotten addicted to. I love the colour!

Here's an outfit wearing my new leggings! 

I also got some yummy treats from etsy.com! A site filled with handmade treasures <3 
 I got these alien rings and earrings! She also sent me a sticker, a little candy treat and a note! I love these type of packages, they make me so happy <3

 I also got a cat-eye ring and cat-eye earrings, also with stickers, yaay! I wear these things so much :)

 This new shirt is from Sheinside.com, but I forgot to take photos of it and now it's in the wash, haha.

(Sorry for the bad photo, it's taken with my phone, but I just like my rings too much <3)

These were recieved and instantly put on!
I've been drooling over these for quite a while now, seeing loads of gorgeous ladies wearing them on Lookbook. So I decided to finally order them from prettysucks.de, and I don't regret it. Again, they are not Black Milk quality, but they are super comfy and I'm so happy considering how cheap they were!

 Got this ring while I was at it, as I never really got myself a cross that went horisantally over my fingers, and I had been wanting one for quite a while. I liked that this one was different, it has a bend to it, and it's quite narrow, so it's not the typical cross ring, which I really like!

New leggings, huhu. Borrowed my boyfriend's shirt for this outfit. It's so comfy.
Also decided to go for a little colour splash today, so I wore my Cat Burger-top from DropDead.

Food :
 I finally decided to eat my Pokemon-food. It was very yummy! It's like a typicall norwegian dish, but with curry flavour! And I love curry flavour. I also got a Pokemon-sticker! Happyface :3
I got these in the mail a few days ago! Ordered like 70 diet bars(half of them for my grandma).
These are so great to have, as I can bring them anywhere, they don't need any preparation, and they contain all vitamins and minerals I need! And I spent like half the amount of money buying these online than in the store! Online shopping <3

This post is so incredibly messy. I always make it messy when I have a lot to blog about..
I'm going to try to get better. I've decided to try, by making my secret Facebook-page on Facebook (mwahaha, what have I been doing on Facebook?!) into a sort of blog-site, where I'll try to post a bit more photos of smaller things happening. I think it'll be good practice, as I tend to keep out the entire world and hide myself when I start feeling depressed. So if I only post one photo one of those days, it's an achievement!

You can like the page   >here<.

I'm finishing off with my little Luffy, who I found sleeping in a bed of white, wild flowers <3 I woke her up, though. I'm such a meanie!
She's so tired, haha. Cutest kitty <3

Hopefully I won't use this much time writing my next blogpost. So it won't be such a huge wall of text, haha!