Sunday, May 20, 2012

My birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up!
The 31st of May, I will have survived 20 years!
I decided to make a wishlist to put on my blog, of lovely things I've been drooling on for quite a bit <3 

Leggings :
I rarely wear pants anymore. Actually, I don't even remember the last time I wore pants..
-Gold Suspenders
-Red and Black Leggings
- Red and Black Curcuit Board Leggings
- Tetris Leggings
- Black Suspender Leggings

- Ripped Leggings

- Pantyhose Suspenders

 Sweaters and jackets : 
As I have quite a few stating and outstanding leggings, it's always easy to style them with a sweater!
Also, I've been longing for a furry jacket for quite a while. These are adorable!

- Kitty sweater

- Panda Sweat Jacket
- Monster Sweater

- Fake Fur Jacket White
- Fake Fur Jacket Black

 Tops and dresses : 
Summer is coming up, and I'm dying to get my hands on some of these summery, light dresses and tops <3

- Red Crochet Dress
- White Short Lace Tied Dress
- White Hi Low Tied Dress
- Layered White Shirt Dress
-Black Bra Bustier

- White and Blue Bubble Dress
- Blue Mountain Top

- Denim Lace Spike Shirt
 Skirts and shorts :

- Colourful Aztec Skirt

- Blue Leopard Tube Skirt
- Purple Tube Skirt

- Floral Skirt
- Lace Denim shorts

Shoes :
The finisher to every outfit! Droool.

- Floral Platform Sneakers
- Chunky Heel Sandals
- Mint Blue Heels
- Red/Brown Leopard Platforms
- Black/White Platforms

- Strapped Black Platform Heels

- Red Leopard and Black Platforms

 Accesoires :
Things I feel naked without.

- Shield Ring
- Shield Necklace
- Bullet Necklace

- Rubber Band Cross Bracelets
- Lightning Ring
- Spike Bracelet
- Skeleton Hugs Ring

- Rainbow Backpack
- Floral Headband
- Blue Sunglasses
- Brown Sunglasses

This is like the biggest wishlist ever, haha.
What can I say, I'm an addict! :)
Make me happy and bring me these things for my birthday, I will love you forever <3


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