Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty jewelries and yesterday's events!

 Today I got this exciting package in the mail, sent to me by Ann-Kristin Egge, who is a family member of mine making her own great-looking and special jewelry! She sent me a bag for my grandma, a bag for my mom and a bag for me, all containing jewelry fit for us.
My mom recieved this beautiful black and silver-coloured necklace with lovely matching earrings!

My grandma got a summerish light blue bracelet with lovely silver pearls of different shapes. So lovely!

And I recieved this great bracelet with skulls of different colours and black "lava-beads" that look rough and holey. It was perfect, and I absolutely love it!

As you can see, her range of jewelry can fit any age and style, so I recommend you take a look at her site, www.krabbasverden.com, and you can also check out the photo's in her Facebook folders, where she puts out several of her makings! Check her out, Ann- Kristin Egge Frøyland.

Yesterday, I went to Oslo as I was invited to join a radio show on NRK P3. As I was already in Oslo, I decided to do some shopping!! Yaay. This is what I got back home with :
 Since I am a complete make-up noob and I forgot to buy a powder-brush the last time I went to buy make-up, I got a brush for that this time :3 I also bought a concealer, along with a brush for my concealer! It's so white, but really helps when all the make-up is put on. I also bought a new mascara and a lipgloss. I also bought a brush-cleaner since I've already raped my poor little eye-liner brush. *Pats the brush* Sorry, brushie.

 I also bought myself a cute little sewing kit! Even though I suck at everything sewing-ish. But it was so cute and colourful. :3

 Orange tea and a tea-holder-thingy!

 The cutest napkins in history. (Yes, I might become a crazy old catlady, but I love cats.)
And a little spoon for stirring my food!

 Pokemon Pork and Curry dinner! Probably doesn't taste all that yummy, but Pikachu told me I had to buy it...

Aaaand, finally! The cutest summer jacket I bought from Monki. Last time I was in Oslo, me and my friend both fell for the jacket, and I said she could have it then I would look for something else..
Truth is, I've searched and I just couldn't find anything that caught my heart the way this jacket did..
Sooo.. I ended up buying it and then I just have to wear it whenever I know I won't be with her, and I'm safe! Hurrhurr.

Owh, I also bough chopsticks by the way! I just forgot I did.. But now I remembered.. Look!

Green bamboo chopsticks. I love TIGER, they have so much cool stuff, and they're not pricey. :3

Then when I came home, Wouter and I had chicken with broccoli, onions, paprika, carrots and noodles, and we ate with chopsticks for the first time and looked like total retards.
The end. :)


Friday, March 16, 2012

More TV and a tiny Gina Tricot-addiction.

I was in Lillehammer today, doing a few minutes of shooting for a show called Østnytt on TV, a news-show which you can see >here<, but there is only a few minutes in there. You can see me from 8 minutes 20 seconds into the show. Afterwards, I got some spare time to do some shopping! I got this :
An adorable croptop with loads of cute flowers from Gina Tricot :3

 A mustache ring and an earcuff with crosses!

 Cocoa snacks that tasted utterly horrible and ended up with my grandma. Haha (:

And a new tea from London Fruit & Herb Company that I can't wait to taste! Looks so yummy :3

I also recived a package from Gina Tricot yesterday, that contained this : 

Two pair of earrings that I absolutely loved.

And a short t-shirt with a colourful skull on it. You can tell I'm preparing for summer! I'm so excited. Mint colours, light fabrics, hot, lazy days. Ahh.. Can't wait!

What is the number one thing you are looking forward to this summer?


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some random stuff!

So today I did almost nothing...
But I did wear my new blue skirt!
I love the mint colour of it. It makes me want summer and sun even more. Or spring, at least. I like spring. Not too cold, and everything is coming back to life, blooming. I do not lik wasps. Do NOT. No sir. They freak me out. Bees aswell. Anything wasp-like to be honest. Anyway..

I coloured my hair yesterday! I made it a tiny bit more ginger, with blonde dip dye at the bottom.
Pretty happy with it, except for that the dip dye isn't all that visible, so I'm going back on Friday to get a bit more blonde in it! I also coloured my eyebrows. I feel it looks okay in pictures, but when I look at myself in the mirror I feel like someone just painted two random lines in my face. Haha. Bet it'll get better though.

My hair dresser also put on some make-up yesterday, so I took a few photos(since I'm a sucker for being dollied up):

I got stopped on the streets last week about a girl writing about street fashion! She posted me on th blog of th achademy she goes to, at least I think that's what it is. I'm number four on the listing, and you can read/see the blog entry   >here<.

Also, I finally got the Hi Low skirt I ordered about a month ago, today! I can't wait to actually wear it out. It's quite different from the skirts I usually wear, but it's so beautiful. I ordered it from an Australian site called Suprè (not sure about what way the little line over the "e" should be, but here goes), and it was suprisingly good quality considering the price. The shipping, on the other hand, was a bit expensive. But It's all in all a site I recommend. 
I'm sorry about the bad photos, but at least you sort of get the feeling of what it looks like! Look at the sheer fabric. I just want to stroke it.. I know, creepy.

Now I'm going to have a cup of yoghurt with cereal and strawberries, then I'm going for a shower and off to bed!
Sleep tight, everyone :)


Monday, March 12, 2012

What is the best comfort when you're ill..?

....Reciving new things in the mail! Whiii!
 The Cross of St. Peter Black Leggings from Black Milk! Aren't they wonderful?

And Wouter ordered me this adorable skirt from chicwish.com! I'm so in love with it. The colour is so beautiful, and it sits so nicely! I have the best boyfriend (:

Today I had to take a day of simply because my body refuses to work a bit. So I have to focus on drinking and eating basically all day, which feels quite weird. But it's important to give my body enough nutrition.
So hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!
I'm going to the hairdress tomorrow, still haven't decided whether to only colour my hair a tiny bit more ginger or actually getting dip dye!

I absolutely love how it looks, but I would like to keep it more to my natural colours in the first round.
A bit more ginger on the top, then more blonde at the bottom.
I'd really love some advice, if anyone has any!
What do you think? Yay or nay?

[Picture from haircolorideas.com]


Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have a bowler hat!

I was in Oslo yesterday shopping! As a result, I have a lovely bowler hat! This is what I'm wearing today!

I woke up today to breakfast on bed! Felt pretty lucky. Such a great way of waking up after a long day of shopping! Then I took some photos of yesterday's buys : 

A lovely bowler hat and some super cute pink sneakers! Both from Monki. 

 I absolutely love this Arizona tea! I tasted it in Holland first, and then my friend found them in one of the stores on Oslo S, I was so happy! Nomnomnom. I also bought Strawberry pudding. I've never tasted it before, but it looked so yummy!

 A timer for cooking, tooth picks, a lighter, a bath scrub and cocoa almonds!

 An awesome tote-bag with a cute man on it :D

 This lovely shirt is from Monki. Sorry about the bad focus!

 I finally got my hands on some Mac make-up. I only bought a primer, powder, an eye-liner and a lipgloss.
The colours fit my skin very well and it feels so good on. I'm actually not all that interested in make.up, but I like having a bit on, and I like that it looks normal and natural on the skin. It makes me feel so comfortable!

It looks like I've got dip dye here. I've been dying to get my hair dip dyed like this, orange in the top and blond at the bottom. Maybe I should do it next week?
What do you think? Yes/no?

Today I'm going to relax! Might get a friend over, might go out for a walk in the village, we'll see.
What are your plans?
Have a great Saturday!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Make Kony Famous! A movie that touched my heart

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes, having an intense urge to write what's going on, so I'm going to start with showing you just what made me so moved :

I know it's a long movie, but I really advise all of you to take a moment of your time and look at it! You can help make a difference!

Jacob tells us about his life, how he is on the run constantly, afraid of living. He saw his own parents get killed, his own brother. He says he rather wants to die than live, seeing he feels he has nothing to live for. He wants to be a lawyer, but the lack of money and oppurtunities in his country is stopping him from fulfilling his dreams. He misses his family. He wanted to be with them, live a life with them. A normal life, getting to play as a child, getting to go to school, not hide, living in fright that every day he will be killed. He has been denied so many things in his life. And he's not the only one. There are over 30 THOUSAND children in Uganda who has been captured, been trained to kill, been trained to harm other people and forced to kill their own parents! This has been going on for over 25 years! And it's all because of one horrible man : Joseph Kony.

 This movie encourages everyone in the entire world to make Joseph Kony famous. Not because he deserves to, but because the more the people of the world show that we care, the more the government of the U.S.A will work to stop him! The more we show affection, the more the higher powers of our world we fight! So please watch this video. Make Joseph Kony famous. Join Facebook-sites and sign up at kony2012.com.
Give these children and the children to come their future and their lives back!
We can make a difference! Let's use this oppurtunity to change something in this world to the better!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life is all serious business and no play

No, not really... :) 

I've been spending this week trying to think about nothing! Tried to keep my head off all the seriousness and stress.
I read some of the comments to the article revolving my mom and me on Nettavisen.no. It shocked me so much I just couldn't read any more! So I've been off any internet sites where I know I've been able to read the negative feedback. It saddens me to see so many people judge based on the little they saw of my life on TV. It's crazy to see how much they know and how much they're able to tell me about me and my family's life together since I was a baby! It's weird that they think they do, because honestly, you haven't been there every day and walked by my side since I was 2 years old. You don't know what choices have been taken, what we've tried, how it has been to handle everything. I didn't go on TV to find someone to blame, someone to point and yell at, but to help the people who need it by putting a light to this case.
And I really hope the focus will change so that we can do something positive with this.
... Enough negaitivity!

I got a card from a completely unkown person yesterday, saying she saw me on TV and there were so much positivity and loveliness in the letter that it lifted the rest of that entire day!
My shrink says I'm really good at finding all the negative things and just keeping them in my head, instead of looking at all the things that are positive! So I just want to give a MASSIVE thanks to ALL the supportive people and lovely, warm messages I've been getting! I really do appreciate it, and I think you're all a part of letting me grow a bit more and open myself more to the world! And I can't say thank you enough!
If there's anything I know helps people in need, it's positivity, warmness and love.
You are great!
And so is this :
 Cereal with strawberries and blueberries! Yum yum.

And Biffen, my brother's dog! Such a cutie :)

Have a great Saturday, I'm off to more positivity! (At least I'm trying!)



I love this weirdo.