Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Some random stuff!

So today I did almost nothing...
But I did wear my new blue skirt!
I love the mint colour of it. It makes me want summer and sun even more. Or spring, at least. I like spring. Not too cold, and everything is coming back to life, blooming. I do not lik wasps. Do NOT. No sir. They freak me out. Bees aswell. Anything wasp-like to be honest. Anyway..

I coloured my hair yesterday! I made it a tiny bit more ginger, with blonde dip dye at the bottom.
Pretty happy with it, except for that the dip dye isn't all that visible, so I'm going back on Friday to get a bit more blonde in it! I also coloured my eyebrows. I feel it looks okay in pictures, but when I look at myself in the mirror I feel like someone just painted two random lines in my face. Haha. Bet it'll get better though.

My hair dresser also put on some make-up yesterday, so I took a few photos(since I'm a sucker for being dollied up):

I got stopped on the streets last week about a girl writing about street fashion! She posted me on th blog of th achademy she goes to, at least I think that's what it is. I'm number four on the listing, and you can read/see the blog entry   >here<.

Also, I finally got the Hi Low skirt I ordered about a month ago, today! I can't wait to actually wear it out. It's quite different from the skirts I usually wear, but it's so beautiful. I ordered it from an Australian site called Suprè (not sure about what way the little line over the "e" should be, but here goes), and it was suprisingly good quality considering the price. The shipping, on the other hand, was a bit expensive. But It's all in all a site I recommend. 
I'm sorry about the bad photos, but at least you sort of get the feeling of what it looks like! Look at the sheer fabric. I just want to stroke it.. I know, creepy.

Now I'm going to have a cup of yoghurt with cereal and strawberries, then I'm going for a shower and off to bed!
Sleep tight, everyone :)



  1. øyenbrynene ser bra ut :D hvis du ikke er vant til det tar det litt tid bare, hihi
    og dipdyes ble kjempekult!

  2. Your hair looks amazing! I really want my hair like that but im so scared to get it dyed! xx

    1. Thanks, lovely!! I was a bit scared to do it too, since I've been told since I was little I could NEVER have blonde hair! Luckily the hair dresser I have now, who really tries to meet my wishes and also doing what's best for my hair, said we could try. I went and dyed it a bit more a week after, as it wasn't that visible, and now I'm soooo happy with it! If you are a bit worried, then maybe you should try dying only a tiny bit to begin with? :) xxx

  3. Hi! Your hair is gorgeous, as are you :) I know this was over a year ago but I had to ask, are you naturally ginger? Because I am and I'm dying to dip dye my hair blonde, but I've not heard of anyone successfully dip dying with natural ginger hair and I'm scared I'll mess my hair up forever! Thank you!

    1. Hello, darling! Thank you :)

      Yes, I am naturally ginger, but I don't have a very vibrant orange, it's quite light!

      When I dyed it blonde at the bottoms, it took me two trips to the hairdresser untill I was satisfied, and the blonde was still a bit yellow, as the red pigments in my hair are a pain to hide. But since it's only the bottom part of the hair, the yellow wasn't really noticeable, as it looked very natural compared to my natural colour!

      I do advice you to go to a proffesional for highlighting like this, as highlighting is the procedure that damages the hair the most, especially if you have very "sensitive" hair, like mine!

      For getting beautiful dip dye colours, I advice you to check out "Directions" and "Manic Panic", as they carry wide ranges of colours, and they are quite hair friendly! They also look really pretty when faded, almost like pastel dip dye :)

      You do need to highlight your hair first for the colour to stick to the hair.

      Also, you could look into oil treatments to put into the tips of your hair after you've showered, like Maroccan Oil (I use this brand, and it keeps my hair looking shiny and healthy).

      Hope this helps, and good luck!


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