Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pretty jewelries and yesterday's events!

 Today I got this exciting package in the mail, sent to me by Ann-Kristin Egge, who is a family member of mine making her own great-looking and special jewelry! She sent me a bag for my grandma, a bag for my mom and a bag for me, all containing jewelry fit for us.
My mom recieved this beautiful black and silver-coloured necklace with lovely matching earrings!

My grandma got a summerish light blue bracelet with lovely silver pearls of different shapes. So lovely!

And I recieved this great bracelet with skulls of different colours and black "lava-beads" that look rough and holey. It was perfect, and I absolutely love it!

As you can see, her range of jewelry can fit any age and style, so I recommend you take a look at her site, www.krabbasverden.com, and you can also check out the photo's in her Facebook folders, where she puts out several of her makings! Check her out, Ann- Kristin Egge Frøyland.

Yesterday, I went to Oslo as I was invited to join a radio show on NRK P3. As I was already in Oslo, I decided to do some shopping!! Yaay. This is what I got back home with :
 Since I am a complete make-up noob and I forgot to buy a powder-brush the last time I went to buy make-up, I got a brush for that this time :3 I also bought a concealer, along with a brush for my concealer! It's so white, but really helps when all the make-up is put on. I also bought a new mascara and a lipgloss. I also bought a brush-cleaner since I've already raped my poor little eye-liner brush. *Pats the brush* Sorry, brushie.

 I also bought myself a cute little sewing kit! Even though I suck at everything sewing-ish. But it was so cute and colourful. :3

 Orange tea and a tea-holder-thingy!

 The cutest napkins in history. (Yes, I might become a crazy old catlady, but I love cats.)
And a little spoon for stirring my food!

 Pokemon Pork and Curry dinner! Probably doesn't taste all that yummy, but Pikachu told me I had to buy it...

Aaaand, finally! The cutest summer jacket I bought from Monki. Last time I was in Oslo, me and my friend both fell for the jacket, and I said she could have it then I would look for something else..
Truth is, I've searched and I just couldn't find anything that caught my heart the way this jacket did..
Sooo.. I ended up buying it and then I just have to wear it whenever I know I won't be with her, and I'm safe! Hurrhurr.

Owh, I also bough chopsticks by the way! I just forgot I did.. But now I remembered.. Look!

Green bamboo chopsticks. I love TIGER, they have so much cool stuff, and they're not pricey. :3

Then when I came home, Wouter and I had chicken with broccoli, onions, paprika, carrots and noodles, and we ate with chopsticks for the first time and looked like total retards.
The end. :)



  1. elsker TGR :DD kjøpte lerett og maling og fine lys og konfetti-gun der sist!
    og jelly på mac-kjøpet ditt! mac..<3

    1. Jaa, jeg og <3 Er alltid innom der når jeg er i Oslo, masse søte farger og rare ting :3
      Og jeg har så sykt lite peiling på sminke sånn egentlig, men det er så godt å ha sminke som ikke er skikkelig klissete og ekkel! Mac sitter så fint på, og jeg får ikke masse kviser av å bruke dem, så jeg er kjempefornøyd <3

  2. Where is the Tshirt with the skull from? Gina Tricot?


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