Saturday, March 10, 2012

I have a bowler hat!

I was in Oslo yesterday shopping! As a result, I have a lovely bowler hat! This is what I'm wearing today!

I woke up today to breakfast on bed! Felt pretty lucky. Such a great way of waking up after a long day of shopping! Then I took some photos of yesterday's buys : 

A lovely bowler hat and some super cute pink sneakers! Both from Monki. 

 I absolutely love this Arizona tea! I tasted it in Holland first, and then my friend found them in one of the stores on Oslo S, I was so happy! Nomnomnom. I also bought Strawberry pudding. I've never tasted it before, but it looked so yummy!

 A timer for cooking, tooth picks, a lighter, a bath scrub and cocoa almonds!

 An awesome tote-bag with a cute man on it :D

 This lovely shirt is from Monki. Sorry about the bad focus!

 I finally got my hands on some Mac make-up. I only bought a primer, powder, an eye-liner and a lipgloss.
The colours fit my skin very well and it feels so good on. I'm actually not all that interested in make.up, but I like having a bit on, and I like that it looks normal and natural on the skin. It makes me feel so comfortable!

It looks like I've got dip dye here. I've been dying to get my hair dip dyed like this, orange in the top and blond at the bottom. Maybe I should do it next week?
What do you think? Yes/no?

Today I'm going to relax! Might get a friend over, might go out for a walk in the village, we'll see.
What are your plans?
Have a great Saturday!


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