Tuesday, January 31, 2012

TV and some other stuff...

Today I met up with NRK, a norwegian TV channel that sends a show called Puls (Norwegian for pulse). They are making an episode about the Gastric Bypass operation, and considering I'm the third person considered a minor to ever have gotten this operation in Norway, and it has been over one and a half year ago since I had the surgery, they saw me fit to talk about my experiences. I gladly took the job, even with my social phobia, as I know there are people out there that has been in the situation I've been in, or worse, and if there is even a slight possibility I can give someone hope and light in their darkness, it's worth it. It was quite a hard job to put myself out there, talk about my past like I did. Opening up wounds you're trying to close is a difficult procedure. But I feel it went quite well overall! We're going to meet up next Tuesday to do the last shooting. I'm going to ride a horse for the first time in my life! I also might sing, but I still have to consider that. It's a big step, and I don't know if it's too big or if I'm actually capable yet.

The episode will be showed Monday the 20th of February on the norwegian TV channel NRK.

I bought myself a new cardigan today!
I just love the orange colour of it.
I've been looking at it for quite a while, but today I tried it out and decided I just had to buy it.
It fits amazingly with my Rainbow Galaxy Leggings. 
I bought this during the shooting, so you'll be able to see me go shopping on TV! Haha. It was weird to be filmed whilst doing that, since I usually just "scan" through the store, I can easily spot what I like, but I had to take time to look at different things now so that they would have more material to work with. It felt a bit unnatural, but it was so much fun! A great experience.

Right now, I'm enjoying a cup of Night Time tea from Pukka and some Goji-berries. Trying to get ready for bed, I have a good feeling I'll have a good night's sleep after today's events!

I also put on some incense. This incense called Nag Champa is one of my favourites. The smell is so lovely and calming.

Aren't my pyjama pants cool? I got these from a friend several years ago, but haven't been able to fit it untill recently. I just adore the little bows on the skull's heads!

I'm going to watch my boyfriend play Dante's Inferno on the xbox a little longer, then we're off to bed. Sleep tight, everyone!


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Someone told me I have a space addiction

I think my friend is right. Abot the space addiction, that is.. Lately I've been completely in love with everything space or galactic printed. Today's outfit contains space and donuts! 
This top is called Space Donuts! I love it so much, the donuts have colourful sprinkles, haha. I wore it with my Purple Galaxy Leggings and a dark green cardigan from Carlings. The coat is from a local b-young shop, and the snood is from Kappahl. Today, I also put my hair up in a bun, so I could show uff my ear cuff! I absolutely love it. Also wearing the Spike Ring and grandma's bag :) The shoes are Matsumoto's from Nelly.com!

Today, I also bought some presents for Wouter, my boyfriend! I bought him a pair of grey pants and a black coat :

He paired it with a pair of brown "boat-shoes" he bought in Holland and a snood from Kappahl!
Doesn't he look great? :)

Tonight we're having a few friends over for wine and beer. Just a small, cozy get-together! I'm looking forward to it. I bought two bottles of a very nice wine called Canei, it's a bubbly peach wine. It's sweet and fresh, and perfect for a night like this. We also might make some "Rockets", my favourite Dutch drink! I always drink this when I'm in Holland. It's so simple to make yourself too, considering it's only Baccardi Razz and Fanta! Only thing I'm not looking forward to, is the cleaning, haha.
Have a great Saturday, everybody :)

Camilla xx

Friday, January 27, 2012

She looked outside her dark world, a unicorn puked on her legs.

I'm sitting here with a cup of tea and some peanuts, trying to get my warmth back after being outside for a little photoshoot. It's freezing!!!
Todays outfit :

I decided to match my Rainbow Galaxy Leggings with all black, since they are quite the colour explosion!
And I love them being the center of attention. I mixed them with this sweater I got on eBay. It's quite simple, except that it's sort of ripped at the left side. I absolutely love that detail. The bracelets are from Nelly.com, they're black leather with nails. The Spike Ring is from Asos (aswell as the Spike Earcuff, but you can't see I'm wearing it). My grandma gave me this necklace, I don't remember if she told me who it belonged to, but I know it has quite an age! There is a little switch on it, when you use it, a pair of glasses pop out! My uncle told me these are called Lorgnettes! It's absolutely wonderful. I love the black "stone" and the details around it. My shoes are Distressed Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell!
Here's another photo of it. Excuse the fail focus!

Today, all my plans are going to a job party. It's my second one so far at where I'm working. It's quite cozy, the people I work with are all so nice and I feel so comfortable around them. Unfortunately they're not all coming tonight. And I also have no idea what to wear, haha.

Untill then, though, I have nothing to do, I might try to clean a bit! But considering I hate cleaning, I doubt it will be that much. I'm watching my boyfriend playing "Mafia 2" on the xbox at the moment, so I might do that for a while, and we might rent a movie :)

What are your plans this Friday?

Camilla xx

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New inventory + a Gastric Bypasser's breakfast

This morning, I got two packages that I had ordered, on my bed! It was such an amazing way to wake up!
I got one package from Asos, containing ; 
A Spiked Earcuff with a comb, and a Spiked Ring! I first saw these spiked rings being worn in a few different looks on Lookbook, and I fell completely in love with it. I've also seen a few earcuffs around, but the one's I've liked, haven't been shippable to Norway. Then I stumbled across these ones on Asos, AND they were for a reasonable price! Score!

The other package was from Black Milk, containing ; 
Two more pairs of Galaxy Leggings! Rainbow Galaxies to the left, and Purple Galaxies to the right!
I am so in love with this pattern, I already have the Black Galaxies, and I might even get more. (Addicted to Black Milk, I know..) When I wear these, and look down on my legs, I can't help but feeling I want to touch them. Creepy, right? But it's perfectly normal amongst the Black Milk addicts. At least I like to think so... Heh..

As it says on my blog here, I've had an operation called a Gastric Bypass. Basically, they remove 80% of your tummy and some of your bowels, too. This to make you unable to eat big portions. You can read more about Gastric Bypass here(this is a link to WIkipedia). My breakfast looks like this : 

A thin slice of something we call "knekkebrød" (excuse me for not knowing the English name), with cheese and cucumber. And a cup of "Pukka detox" tea:) Since the portions are small, people with this operation need to eat often. Prefferably 8-10 times a day. It's quite a big change if you're used to eating 2-3 big meals a day. But when you've been as far down and as big as I've been, the changes are worth it.

I bought this tea yesterday, along with two other flavours. All of them are recommendable.
They are all caffeine free, and there are different flavours for different purposes! My favourite of the Pukka
Detox, Pukka Relax and Pukka Night Time, was the Pukka Relax. The taste was a bit more sweet than the other two. But they all taste very good :)

There is no outfit-picture today, but I'll try to get one tomorrow, and if not, there's deffinately one or two on Friday!

Camilla xxx

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ott - A Nice Place

I'm listening to Ott right now. I love the music Ott makes, it's so pure and natural. It makes me feel like I'm free.

Tuesday's for me are "Off Work" days - so today I only went to town. This is what I wore:

 This is probably my favourite pair of leggings. And I love that it's a picture of a real galaxy! I decided to wear earthly colours, pieces that are a bit simple and sprite it up with the leggings, to give them the attention they deserve! The bag is my grandma's, and the cross is a gift from my grandma that actually belonged to her mother! The dress was a gift from my boyfriend, we had to ship it to Holland, since Topshop unfortunately doesn't ship to Norway. The ring is also a gift from him, also from Topshop, haha! Snood was a Christmas gift, it wasn't what initially got, but I traded in for this:) I absolutely love the colour of it.

My boyfriend and I shared lunch out today! Chicken salad with fries on the side! It wasn't exactly luxury, but I really enjoy going out to eat, so we had a really nice time :)

Since I have to take pills to keep my vitamin and mineral levels up, and I am currently a bit low on D-vitamin, I bought a package of these!

I also bought three different packages of tea. I haven't tried out Pukka tea before, but I am having troubles being tired at all when I'm actually in bed. It's like all the thoughts I've had the entire month decides to take over my head when I need it stop thinking at all. So I bought "Night time", "Relax" and "Detox" tea, first two ones hoping they will help me feel more relaxed and tired when going to bed, and "detox" to help my body get rid of the more unhealthy stuff my body holds on to.

I also bought something called Goji-berries. I have never tasted these either, but it said they contained

Vitamin C and Betakaroten(which is good for the skin, it helps protect from the sun, which is good, since I'm a ginger!), and I like having snacks like these to munch when I'm out and about! So I'm excited to try all these things out.

I'm going to make dinner now, even though I have no idea what to make, so wish me luck! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

I like Mondays

Why do I like Mondays? I guess Mondays are the worst days for most people. I consider myself quite lucky to work where I work, to the hours I do. Monday is my shortest work day, and I enjoy it that way. At least for now.

Today, a new guy started where I work. I work with children that have to stay at school after school is over, so we mostly do fun activities there. Considering we only have one other male person there, working only a few days a week and for a few hours, the new guy is probably going to get ripped into pieces by the kids. Well, not literally... I think, unless they pull him too much.. Anyways, it was nice.

This is what I wore today:

This weekend, my grandma gave me this wonderful jumper that her great grandma knitted, making this jumper over 65 years old. It has this beautiful purple colour and cute little buttons, and white stripes on the sleeves. She also gave me this old bag she had. I decided to wear it today with my shirt from Asos, simply because I love the big bow. The shorts are also given to my by my grandma, they are actually way too big and most of the time not flattering at all, but I felt quite comfortable in it mixed with the jumper and the shirt. The overknee-socks are bought at a local store called Cubus, and the shoes are Distressed Litas from Jeffrey Campbell! The ring is bought on eBay.

Now I'm going to watch my boyfriend play some games.. Since I promised, and he always does me the favour of watching clothes with me, haha!


Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first post

Hello and everything!
This is my first post to my blog, so I'm a bit uncertain of what to write here.
It's Sunday, and my boyfriend and I are currently relaxing on the sofa with candles, playing games and goofing around. It' been a really quiet day, and I have this restless feeling, like I need to do something. So I'm planning to go out for a walk in the snow later, when we've had dinner.

I joined in a competition at Nelly.com today! If you have an account, you can save the pieces of clothing you like in a wardrobe, and you can fill it up to 30.000 Norwegian kroner, then enter the competition, and if you're lucky, you can win the entire wardrobe! I guess my hope is quite low in winning that competition, but it would be amazing to do so. Considering I've lost weight, it's sometimes a bit sad going into my wardrobe finding things that are too big or things that don't really fit just yet. And what girl doesn't want some new accesoires to mix and match with? :) Here's a few things from the wishlist;

I've been drooling on the top left shoes
for ages! I love these shoes from Jeffrey
Campbell. I already have a pair of black
leather ones, with a dark wooden heel, that I am deffinately in love with, but my heart is aching for these ones aswell! I've also wanted a pair of plain Dr.Marthens for a while now. I love the cardigan displayed, the peace signs make it so amazing. And the velvet skirt is seen a lot lately, it's so adorable!

Anyways, I'm going to make myself some dinner now, then dragging myself out into metres of snow. (I'm exhagerating, of course, but the snowing has been wild!)
Bye bye!