Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New inventory + a Gastric Bypasser's breakfast

This morning, I got two packages that I had ordered, on my bed! It was such an amazing way to wake up!
I got one package from Asos, containing ; 
A Spiked Earcuff with a comb, and a Spiked Ring! I first saw these spiked rings being worn in a few different looks on Lookbook, and I fell completely in love with it. I've also seen a few earcuffs around, but the one's I've liked, haven't been shippable to Norway. Then I stumbled across these ones on Asos, AND they were for a reasonable price! Score!

The other package was from Black Milk, containing ; 
Two more pairs of Galaxy Leggings! Rainbow Galaxies to the left, and Purple Galaxies to the right!
I am so in love with this pattern, I already have the Black Galaxies, and I might even get more. (Addicted to Black Milk, I know..) When I wear these, and look down on my legs, I can't help but feeling I want to touch them. Creepy, right? But it's perfectly normal amongst the Black Milk addicts. At least I like to think so... Heh..

As it says on my blog here, I've had an operation called a Gastric Bypass. Basically, they remove 80% of your tummy and some of your bowels, too. This to make you unable to eat big portions. You can read more about Gastric Bypass here(this is a link to WIkipedia). My breakfast looks like this : 

A thin slice of something we call "knekkebrød" (excuse me for not knowing the English name), with cheese and cucumber. And a cup of "Pukka detox" tea:) Since the portions are small, people with this operation need to eat often. Prefferably 8-10 times a day. It's quite a big change if you're used to eating 2-3 big meals a day. But when you've been as far down and as big as I've been, the changes are worth it.

I bought this tea yesterday, along with two other flavours. All of them are recommendable.
They are all caffeine free, and there are different flavours for different purposes! My favourite of the Pukka
Detox, Pukka Relax and Pukka Night Time, was the Pukka Relax. The taste was a bit more sweet than the other two. But they all taste very good :)

There is no outfit-picture today, but I'll try to get one tomorrow, and if not, there's deffinately one or two on Friday!

Camilla xxx

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