Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ott - A Nice Place

I'm listening to Ott right now. I love the music Ott makes, it's so pure and natural. It makes me feel like I'm free.

Tuesday's for me are "Off Work" days - so today I only went to town. This is what I wore:

 This is probably my favourite pair of leggings. And I love that it's a picture of a real galaxy! I decided to wear earthly colours, pieces that are a bit simple and sprite it up with the leggings, to give them the attention they deserve! The bag is my grandma's, and the cross is a gift from my grandma that actually belonged to her mother! The dress was a gift from my boyfriend, we had to ship it to Holland, since Topshop unfortunately doesn't ship to Norway. The ring is also a gift from him, also from Topshop, haha! Snood was a Christmas gift, it wasn't what initially got, but I traded in for this:) I absolutely love the colour of it.

My boyfriend and I shared lunch out today! Chicken salad with fries on the side! It wasn't exactly luxury, but I really enjoy going out to eat, so we had a really nice time :)

Since I have to take pills to keep my vitamin and mineral levels up, and I am currently a bit low on D-vitamin, I bought a package of these!

I also bought three different packages of tea. I haven't tried out Pukka tea before, but I am having troubles being tired at all when I'm actually in bed. It's like all the thoughts I've had the entire month decides to take over my head when I need it stop thinking at all. So I bought "Night time", "Relax" and "Detox" tea, first two ones hoping they will help me feel more relaxed and tired when going to bed, and "detox" to help my body get rid of the more unhealthy stuff my body holds on to.

I also bought something called Goji-berries. I have never tasted these either, but it said they contained

Vitamin C and Betakaroten(which is good for the skin, it helps protect from the sun, which is good, since I'm a ginger!), and I like having snacks like these to munch when I'm out and about! So I'm excited to try all these things out.

I'm going to make dinner now, even though I have no idea what to make, so wish me luck! :)


  1. The dinner was great!

  2. WoooooooooOooooooow Nice post. I like it.Please keep it up.


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