Saturday, January 28, 2012

Someone told me I have a space addiction

I think my friend is right. Abot the space addiction, that is.. Lately I've been completely in love with everything space or galactic printed. Today's outfit contains space and donuts! 
This top is called Space Donuts! I love it so much, the donuts have colourful sprinkles, haha. I wore it with my Purple Galaxy Leggings and a dark green cardigan from Carlings. The coat is from a local b-young shop, and the snood is from Kappahl. Today, I also put my hair up in a bun, so I could show uff my ear cuff! I absolutely love it. Also wearing the Spike Ring and grandma's bag :) The shoes are Matsumoto's from!

Today, I also bought some presents for Wouter, my boyfriend! I bought him a pair of grey pants and a black coat :

He paired it with a pair of brown "boat-shoes" he bought in Holland and a snood from Kappahl!
Doesn't he look great? :)

Tonight we're having a few friends over for wine and beer. Just a small, cozy get-together! I'm looking forward to it. I bought two bottles of a very nice wine called Canei, it's a bubbly peach wine. It's sweet and fresh, and perfect for a night like this. We also might make some "Rockets", my favourite Dutch drink! I always drink this when I'm in Holland. It's so simple to make yourself too, considering it's only Baccardi Razz and Fanta! Only thing I'm not looking forward to, is the cleaning, haha.
Have a great Saturday, everybody :)

Camilla xx

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