Monday, January 23, 2012

I like Mondays

Why do I like Mondays? I guess Mondays are the worst days for most people. I consider myself quite lucky to work where I work, to the hours I do. Monday is my shortest work day, and I enjoy it that way. At least for now.

Today, a new guy started where I work. I work with children that have to stay at school after school is over, so we mostly do fun activities there. Considering we only have one other male person there, working only a few days a week and for a few hours, the new guy is probably going to get ripped into pieces by the kids. Well, not literally... I think, unless they pull him too much.. Anyways, it was nice.

This is what I wore today:

This weekend, my grandma gave me this wonderful jumper that her great grandma knitted, making this jumper over 65 years old. It has this beautiful purple colour and cute little buttons, and white stripes on the sleeves. She also gave me this old bag she had. I decided to wear it today with my shirt from Asos, simply because I love the big bow. The shorts are also given to my by my grandma, they are actually way too big and most of the time not flattering at all, but I felt quite comfortable in it mixed with the jumper and the shirt. The overknee-socks are bought at a local store called Cubus, and the shoes are Distressed Litas from Jeffrey Campbell! The ring is bought on eBay.

Now I'm going to watch my boyfriend play some games.. Since I promised, and he always does me the favour of watching clothes with me, haha!



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