Sunday, May 20, 2012

My birthday wishlist

My birthday is coming up!
The 31st of May, I will have survived 20 years!
I decided to make a wishlist to put on my blog, of lovely things I've been drooling on for quite a bit <3 

Leggings :
I rarely wear pants anymore. Actually, I don't even remember the last time I wore pants..
-Gold Suspenders
-Red and Black Leggings
- Red and Black Curcuit Board Leggings
- Tetris Leggings
- Black Suspender Leggings

- Ripped Leggings

- Pantyhose Suspenders

 Sweaters and jackets : 
As I have quite a few stating and outstanding leggings, it's always easy to style them with a sweater!
Also, I've been longing for a furry jacket for quite a while. These are adorable!

- Kitty sweater

- Panda Sweat Jacket
- Monster Sweater

- Fake Fur Jacket White
- Fake Fur Jacket Black

 Tops and dresses : 
Summer is coming up, and I'm dying to get my hands on some of these summery, light dresses and tops <3

- Red Crochet Dress
- White Short Lace Tied Dress
- White Hi Low Tied Dress
- Layered White Shirt Dress
-Black Bra Bustier

- White and Blue Bubble Dress
- Blue Mountain Top

- Denim Lace Spike Shirt
 Skirts and shorts :

- Colourful Aztec Skirt

- Blue Leopard Tube Skirt
- Purple Tube Skirt

- Floral Skirt
- Lace Denim shorts

Shoes :
The finisher to every outfit! Droool.

- Floral Platform Sneakers
- Chunky Heel Sandals
- Mint Blue Heels
- Red/Brown Leopard Platforms
- Black/White Platforms

- Strapped Black Platform Heels

- Red Leopard and Black Platforms

 Accesoires :
Things I feel naked without.

- Shield Ring
- Shield Necklace
- Bullet Necklace

- Rubber Band Cross Bracelets
- Lightning Ring
- Spike Bracelet
- Skeleton Hugs Ring

- Rainbow Backpack
- Floral Headband
- Blue Sunglasses
- Brown Sunglasses

This is like the biggest wishlist ever, haha.
What can I say, I'm an addict! :)
Make me happy and bring me these things for my birthday, I will love you forever <3


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tick tick...

It's been ages. Literally.
I've had a lot going on the last few weeks.
Well, not to the open eye. I've been struggling with my own thoughts and emotions.
It's been feeling like I multiplied myself with ten inside of my head, and then every me had a different level on their voice, and different statements, but they were all negative. It has been so tireing and stressful, I felt like banging my head into the wall for more than once. Luckily I have a very understanding workplace and family, so I've been able to build myself up the last few weeks by lot of sleep and relaxation.

So the reason why I haven't blogged is simply because I've been too "busy talking to myelf".

But I'm making it up now!
Starting with this outfit photo:

I wore this the 1st of May.
1st of May this year was a big day for me. First time on stage in 5 years.
5 years of experiencing dark places of my mind..
Standing in front of a crowd after so long, such a huge step. I was nervous to death. Shaking so much I made tiny little earthquakes on the stage. Haha, seriously!
I forgot the entire first song. So glad I brought lyrics, so I could jump back in. But I was struggling so much.
As I finished and walked off stage, I was so broke down I almost cried. But I didn't, and that itself is a victory for me.
But it has made me think of whether or not this is a closed chapter in my life, or a chapter not ready to be written? I have another place to sing in a few months, and I've decided to take it. And after that, we will see.

New things, yaay!
I ordered my first order on Romwe, and I can really tell a difference from paying for shipping and not. The package took ages! Still though, it is a great site who offers a variety of clothing and accesoires.
I ordered these cat earrings (crazy catladyyy), who I got to wear once before they broke :( But I'm going to try to fix them, as they are supercute!

I also ordered Wine Red velvet Leggings(left). Being a hardcore Black Milk fan, I can really tell I've gotten picky. The waistband is so short and it gives me the biggest muffintop. But they are still gorgeous!
I also ordered a new pair of hosiery from ASOS, since I always instantly break them and need a constant refill.

 I also got this peachy nude lipstick from Jemma Kidd, that I've kind of gotten addicted to. I love the colour!

Here's an outfit wearing my new leggings! 

I also got some yummy treats from! A site filled with handmade treasures <3 
 I got these alien rings and earrings! She also sent me a sticker, a little candy treat and a note! I love these type of packages, they make me so happy <3

 I also got a cat-eye ring and cat-eye earrings, also with stickers, yaay! I wear these things so much :)

 This new shirt is from, but I forgot to take photos of it and now it's in the wash, haha.

(Sorry for the bad photo, it's taken with my phone, but I just like my rings too much <3)

These were recieved and instantly put on!
I've been drooling over these for quite a while now, seeing loads of gorgeous ladies wearing them on Lookbook. So I decided to finally order them from, and I don't regret it. Again, they are not Black Milk quality, but they are super comfy and I'm so happy considering how cheap they were!

 Got this ring while I was at it, as I never really got myself a cross that went horisantally over my fingers, and I had been wanting one for quite a while. I liked that this one was different, it has a bend to it, and it's quite narrow, so it's not the typical cross ring, which I really like!

New leggings, huhu. Borrowed my boyfriend's shirt for this outfit. It's so comfy.
Also decided to go for a little colour splash today, so I wore my Cat Burger-top from DropDead.

Food :
 I finally decided to eat my Pokemon-food. It was very yummy! It's like a typicall norwegian dish, but with curry flavour! And I love curry flavour. I also got a Pokemon-sticker! Happyface :3
I got these in the mail a few days ago! Ordered like 70 diet bars(half of them for my grandma).
These are so great to have, as I can bring them anywhere, they don't need any preparation, and they contain all vitamins and minerals I need! And I spent like half the amount of money buying these online than in the store! Online shopping <3

This post is so incredibly messy. I always make it messy when I have a lot to blog about..
I'm going to try to get better. I've decided to try, by making my secret Facebook-page on Facebook (mwahaha, what have I been doing on Facebook?!) into a sort of blog-site, where I'll try to post a bit more photos of smaller things happening. I think it'll be good practice, as I tend to keep out the entire world and hide myself when I start feeling depressed. So if I only post one photo one of those days, it's an achievement!

You can like the page   >here<.

I'm finishing off with my little Luffy, who I found sleeping in a bed of white, wild flowers <3 I woke her up, though. I'm such a meanie!
She's so tired, haha. Cutest kitty <3

Hopefully I won't use this much time writing my next blogpost. So it won't be such a huge wall of text, haha!