Sunday, January 22, 2012

My first post

Hello and everything!
This is my first post to my blog, so I'm a bit uncertain of what to write here.
It's Sunday, and my boyfriend and I are currently relaxing on the sofa with candles, playing games and goofing around. It' been a really quiet day, and I have this restless feeling, like I need to do something. So I'm planning to go out for a walk in the snow later, when we've had dinner.

I joined in a competition at today! If you have an account, you can save the pieces of clothing you like in a wardrobe, and you can fill it up to 30.000 Norwegian kroner, then enter the competition, and if you're lucky, you can win the entire wardrobe! I guess my hope is quite low in winning that competition, but it would be amazing to do so. Considering I've lost weight, it's sometimes a bit sad going into my wardrobe finding things that are too big or things that don't really fit just yet. And what girl doesn't want some new accesoires to mix and match with? :) Here's a few things from the wishlist;

I've been drooling on the top left shoes
for ages! I love these shoes from Jeffrey
Campbell. I already have a pair of black
leather ones, with a dark wooden heel, that I am deffinately in love with, but my heart is aching for these ones aswell! I've also wanted a pair of plain Dr.Marthens for a while now. I love the cardigan displayed, the peace signs make it so amazing. And the velvet skirt is seen a lot lately, it's so adorable!

Anyways, I'm going to make myself some dinner now, then dragging myself out into metres of snow. (I'm exhagerating, of course, but the snowing has been wild!)
Bye bye!

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