Saturday, March 3, 2012

Life is all serious business and no play

No, not really... :) 

I've been spending this week trying to think about nothing! Tried to keep my head off all the seriousness and stress.
I read some of the comments to the article revolving my mom and me on It shocked me so much I just couldn't read any more! So I've been off any internet sites where I know I've been able to read the negative feedback. It saddens me to see so many people judge based on the little they saw of my life on TV. It's crazy to see how much they know and how much they're able to tell me about me and my family's life together since I was a baby! It's weird that they think they do, because honestly, you haven't been there every day and walked by my side since I was 2 years old. You don't know what choices have been taken, what we've tried, how it has been to handle everything. I didn't go on TV to find someone to blame, someone to point and yell at, but to help the people who need it by putting a light to this case.
And I really hope the focus will change so that we can do something positive with this.
... Enough negaitivity!

I got a card from a completely unkown person yesterday, saying she saw me on TV and there were so much positivity and loveliness in the letter that it lifted the rest of that entire day!
My shrink says I'm really good at finding all the negative things and just keeping them in my head, instead of looking at all the things that are positive! So I just want to give a MASSIVE thanks to ALL the supportive people and lovely, warm messages I've been getting! I really do appreciate it, and I think you're all a part of letting me grow a bit more and open myself more to the world! And I can't say thank you enough!
If there's anything I know helps people in need, it's positivity, warmness and love.
You are great!
And so is this :
 Cereal with strawberries and blueberries! Yum yum.

And Biffen, my brother's dog! Such a cutie :)

Have a great Saturday, I'm off to more positivity! (At least I'm trying!)



  1. Du må ikke bry deg om alt det negative folk sier, de har ikke vært der, og de fleste kjenner dere ikke.. De aner ikke hvor søt og god familien din er:)
    Og positiv tenking er bra, det hjelper faktisk! Nå er jeg litt merkelig og tror på loven om tiltrekningskraft i tillegg, men positive tanker hjelper i hverdagen. Loven om tiltrekningskraft går kort sagt ut på at så lenge man tenker positive tanker, så vil man tiltrekke seg flere positive ting. Man må være positiv og tenke på de positive tingene isteden for de negative. Selvfølgelig litt mer avansert, men det er i korte trekk sånn det funker. Farger er også en ting som gjør at man tenker mer positivt!

    1. Tusen takk for så mange fine ord, Jeanett :) Har hørt litt om det før også, og jeg jobber mye med å kunne se det positive fremfor det negative! Det blir bedre etterhvert som tiden går, men det er en vanskelig ting å endre :) Er så fint at det er sommer, da kan jeg finne kjempefine mint-fargede og baby-lyse klær! Gleder meg! :)


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