Friday, April 6, 2012

Two weeks

So it's been a long time since I posted now. I've struggled with being really tired, having to sleep loads during the day and all night. My body has really just sort of turned off a bit, but it's getting better now, so I decided I'd finally do some blogging! Since I don't remember exactly which day I've done what, I'll do this post as a picture story, starting with yesterday's outfit.

New leggings from Black Milk! These are so colourful compared to what I usually wear on my legs, but I still love them.

Another outfit, wearing my new jacket from Monki. It's so comfortable and I love how it looks!

These week's buys : 
 I bought my very first swimsuit from Black Milk! This Elk Swimsuit I bought off a lovely lady from the Black Milk Swap page.

I also traded one of my leggings for this pair of Juicy Fruit Pink leggings. Which I'm not completely sure if I should have, since I really haven't worn pink since I was a little baby unable to pick my own clothes, and I have absolutely NO idea how to wear them, haha. 

 Light blue nail polish from H&M.

 A sponge for my primer and glittery black eyeshadow from MAC.

 Doesn't it look dreamy? :3

And the cutest little bear to accompany my keys!

 I also got the most adorable lunch box! Piggyyy:3

And the cutest lunch box accesories! You can open these and put sauce or whatever you want in them :3 So cuuute.

I also went on a Black Milk meet-up and met some of the cutest girls ever. They were all so incredibly nice and adorable.  I had so much fun and I can't wait to meet them all again!

 Black Milk legs!


 Look at these cute girlies!

Photo : Elise Nedal Helgesen.

Photo : Elise Nedal Helgesen.

I wish I could give you all a hug. You are all amazing <3

Random things like food, animals etc: 

 Filled Portabello-mushrooms with bread and salad!

Marinaded chicken with bulgur and vegetables.

 The yummiest peking-soup I ever had!

This year's first grilled corn! Yaaaay:3

The easter egg I gave to Wouter (that is already eaten of). I thought the "Ego - Walters Almonds" fit so perfectly, moahah :3

Luffy, my beautiful kitty <3

 Biffen, my brother's crazy dog! :)

 Another photo of Luffy <3

 A photo where I tried on my new eyeshadow. I'm deffinately happy with it, it glitters and looks so smoky!
I do deffinately need more practice with putting it on though, lol.

Sorry for all the pictures and so little text, it's just been a really tireing two weeks for me.
I'm going to use the last of the easter to charge up, and luckily get back on the right track :)
Happy easter, everyone <3



  1. elsker dette innlegget :3 alle bildene fra turen er så fine, og all maten så så god ut, det gjorde meg glad! <3

    1. Jeg liker veldig mye at det gjorde deg glad <3


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