Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flowers and a lovely weekend

This week I've gotten a few new and old items to add to my collection of clothing/accesoires: 
 I ordered this cute litte headband with mint green roses from eBay, along with some bobby pins. I absolutely adore this, because I've always had trouble with headbands feeling uncomfortable and tight around my head. This one, on the other hand, I can tie however I want, it's so comfortable, cute and easy.
I've been crazy about these flowery headbands lately, probably cause I can't wait for summer. Got so many outfits planned(even with clothes I don't have, haha!)

 I got this ring visitng my grandma this week. Almost every time I'm there, I go through her clothing and accecoires. I found this lovely snake ring that she said I could have. It's so pretty! I did figure out I need to wear it on my pointy finger, though, lol, my middle finger is all red. I also got some other ring, but they need to be adjusted before I can wear them. I can't wait! I love these types of treasures.

I also got these gloves. I figured they'd be perfect for (the few times) I go skiing and when winter comes back!
I also got myself a new phone since I've had my last one for 4 or 5 years and it was breaking down on me.
I initially wanted an iPhone, but this one was cool and much mor affordable, so I'm pretty happy with my choice. I can for instance see my xbox information, which is completely useless, but fun!
I also found loads of free games (when I started figuring out how it worked). I was like... Download ALL the games! 

This weekend, I had one of my very best friends over. He recently moved, so he lives like 7 hours away from here by car. Yesterday, he drove all the way down to come sleep over! It was so nice. He also brought me a present! Bitches love presents! 
As you know (or don't), after having a gastric bypass-operation, you have to take a lot of pills to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs. So Birge(my friend) bought me three big boxes of powder rich on vitamins and minerals I need! It's also easier for my body to get this into my system. Don't I have the bestest friend ever? <3

When  Birge left(sadface), I went to work out. I didn't do very well, but I guess it's better than nothing. I also bumped into a friend, which is always cozy. And when I came back home, Wouter made me dinner!
 Salmon with chili and herbs, potatoes and onions. With mayo and chilisauce on the side. Yuuum! I'm so lucky :3

Now we're watching a bit of Supernatural and relaxing, before we're headed to bed.
We might eat some ice cream with strawberries on top first, though :3

How was your weekend? :D



  1. åh, så fint hårbåndet var med inverted cross leggings! *outfit-picture!*
    også så maten veldig veldig god ut... :3

  2. Hi! I only discovered your blog yesterday from lookbook and read all and everything 'til now.
    I think it's great what you do. You seem to be an amazing and fun girl and I really, really hope, that the effects of your surgery and the support from friends, your boy and your family help you to be happy and enjoy yourself more and more often, until those dark thougts of yours and your problems with bigger groups of people just resolve and are gone to make place for a happy and self-loving you!
    i send you a biiig lot of strength+sunshine from germany.


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