Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dying my hair and stuff

So I found my old extensions that I used a hair back. I decided to colour it turoise at the bottom, and I took some pictures to show you! :
 Here's before I started dying it blonde!

Dying it blonde/white.

Result after dying it : Silver puple white-ish. Not quite what I wanted. Wooops. Onto next step!

 Blueee! Happy colours :3

 A cup of tea while I wait (for two hours..).

And the final result! I had to put the clips on myself!

This is how it looks :D (Ignore the clip in my head, it was really late and I had a bad cold, haha).
I'm really satisfied with the colour!

I also have a few new things! I got some "easter-egg presents" from Wouter. Sort of, at least. They came after Easter, and weren't in an egg.. But still!

 A digital heart ring <3 Cutest ever! From Asos.

And a red rose headband! (Hello, angry woman.) Also from Asos.

I also bought a few ned goodies myself:

Black Sequin bag from Nasty Gal! It's so cute :3

Snowflake bag from Nasty Gal! :3

Two pairs of stockings from ASOS. (The one to the left broke instantly :c)

 And an etui for my glasses!

Now I'm helping Wouter with his Norwegian homework, as he is doing Norwegian courses now, hoping it will help him get a job! Then I'll get a cup of tea and watch some American Dad, or sleep. It's late. Ugh.

Niiight! <3


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  1. sååå mye fint, og omg, hårbåndet :D har så lyst på et sånt med blomster selv! får sjekke på asos! hihi.


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