Friday, June 1, 2012

Leggings and stuff!

I had my birthday yesterday, and I got these amazing leggings from my mom!
So this is just a quick update of a few photos of my new, lovely spandex <3

I had such a great day yesterday. I got this amazing photo from Elise ( go to her blog here ), who is such a talent at drawing <3 It made me super happy!

When I came to work, the class I was in sang me the birthday song in English!
Then, when I came to after-school care, they sang again, and my super lovely co-worker had made me brownies <3 And I got loads of hugs and congratulations, and some of the kids drew me cards and drawings. D'aaw.

When I came home, I celebrated a bit with my mom, dad, brother, my grandma and my boyfriend.
I regret now not taking a photo, it was so nice to all be gathered, and I made us my favourite dish, aswell!
Curry wok, yumm.

Oh, I also got some new packages in the mail lately, I'll be putting up some updates very, very soon. I'll also try to put up a picture of the birthday presents I've gotten and that I am getting, but they haven't all arrived yet, so I thought I'd just wait with that for a bit.
But I'll show you one special I got today, futuring these killer Studded Tardy's from Jeffrey Campell!

Aren't they amazing?! I entered a friend competition with Elise on , where we could both win 100$'s each. And we were superlucky and won!
Elise got herself some superkiller shoes from Substitute, and I got these babies <3 I also ordered a rib cage ring while I was at it, hihi! I'll be trying to remember to take a photo of that one aswell!

Finishing off with a picture of how I did my nails on my birthday:3
Party nails!
(And some new jewellry, too!)

Have a great weekend!


  1. awesome post! :D er så glad du likte tegningen! og alle outfitene er såå fine, du er så stylish *u* bra du hadde en fin bursdag!

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