Thursday, June 21, 2012


Okey, so I seem to fail pretty much at updating here now.
There's been a lot of darkness surrounding my thoughts lately. Days when even plugging in my camera seems too much. I even have loads of material I could blog about, but typing just gets too much. so when I have good days, my goals usually are
1) talking to people (seems pretty silly, but talking to people is a thing I sometimes cannot handle at all)
2) doing things I like

My next goal is trying to blog about small things.. Like shoes. Or hair. Or cats..
Starting now :
/Pictures from Nasty Gal/
Oh... My.. God.
I would die for these shoes. Or sell my soul.
Been looking for cool sandals for summer in quite a while, but none have really appealed to me - untill I found these! Can just imagine putting these together with literally almost everything I have, and they would look killer. Someone buy me!! :)



  1. skal så sykt ha de skoene der en eller annen gang x___x omg<3

  2. Sell what soul, you are a ginger, remember?

    /Love cheeseneez:)


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