Thursday, July 19, 2012


Hello, and welcome to deserted blog, where no one rarely post... ever. 

Okey, so my poor blog is lonely. I think it just has to be till I find the time for it again. Not that I don't have the time, it's just my head doesn't. So from now on I'll just try to post whenever I feel up for it.

Okay, so I probably have the best mom in the world. Look what she bought me!
I've been trying to add more colours to my life lately, as I feel the black and white thing we have going on in the appartment, is killing my creativity a bit. I feel as if colours might help me have a lighter mind.
My mom bought me these supercute bowls for putting salads and stuff in, and they are so adorable!

She also got me a little palm tree. It doesn't have a pot yet, haha. But it's still lovely!
We went to Sweden last week, which was quite a lot of fun. My mom went on a shoe rampage,
and bought her self NINE(!!) pairs of shoes!
I also got this lovely box for putting crackers in. It's so cuuute!

So I probably have the best grandmother aswell! She got me these today:
Aren't they pretty? I love their colours. And the pots are so cool! They are light pink and have the patterns of old tapestry. <3

I also got two packages in the mail this week!
 I love getting packages from ImYourPresent! It seriously feels like a present even though you buy it for yourself, haha. I bought this alien necklace and a silver confetti necklace with my name on it.
The package was wrapped in purple paper, and had a tootsie rool, a dog sticker and tiny yellow heart-shaped earrings (which I forgot to photograph) in it! These packages never seem to disappoint me. I love people who make so much effort with their business.

 I also finally got my Sugarpill package! I already ordered a package there from before, which I absolutely loved, so I decided to try out a few new colours. The loose eyeshadows are gold and light green, the last one is orange - the eyelashes are black, green and purple! They look so amazing. I can't wait to try them out!

On another note, my little darling burrito has been Holland for 20 days now. He left there to work. He will be home in about ten days, and hopefully he will be staying when he comes back. I am preparing a goodie bag for him till he gets back, so exciting!

I miss my burrito.

On an unrelated note, this is how I've been feeling lately - poop.

Peace out and all that stuff :)

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