Monday, February 20, 2012

A day to remember

I am starting today's post with my outfit since I have no idea how to start it otherwise..

I got this dress in the mail today, it was a present from my boyfriend. I absolutely adore the mint green, and this dress makes me long for spring and summer like a crazy summer-addicted person... Or something.
I matched it with Beetlejuice leggings and a warm cardigan, since it's still too cold for comfort in Norway. I'm also wearing twisted striped socks! Trippy.

So today was an emotional and stressful day filled with experience. The show I was in played on NRK today, and appearantly a few other people heard about it.. So I got woken up by the local newspaper wanting to meet up and have an interview covering my story. I was a bit hesitant considering I had already put myself out on TV, but I decided to go through. The interview went very well and the journalist was polite and gentle. Then I dressed into my new, lovely dress and went off to work. Halfway during the kid's "lunch", I got a phone call from P4, a quite big radio channel in Norway. By then, my heart had started racing. I finished work, went home and the phone call came. Suddenly I was on the radio, too. It felt so weird. But also relieving.
The second it was done, I called my dad. I knew he usually goes home from work around that time, and that he listens to that radio channel. I don't really talk to him that much, but I just wanted to know if he listened to it.. So I called him, and he picked up. And he was crying. I heard it the second he opened his mouth, and my tears just bursted out. It was so emotional. We talked a bit, managed to dry up and then I expected my mom and grandma to come so we could all gather up and watch the show together.
And by the time it was on, we were all switching between crying and laughing. Crying because it's a hard story for us all. A story that hasn't just shaped me, but my mother and my grandma throughout many years. And laughing, simply because my mom's new hallway hasn't been painted and looks completely off, and because I looked hilarious jumping on and off that horse's back!

I'm sorry the episode is in norwegian, but you can see it here:

I don't know what else to write, it's been a tireing day, but I'm happy I've done what I've done.
I'm happy I took the choices I took. And I know that a lot of people think that what I've done, what I decided to with my body, might be wrong.. But to me, getting this operation was the saviour of my life. I had no life before I got this chance. I got my life back, an opportunity to build it back and to take the chances I never got to take. For me, this was the only decision. It was this or nothing.
Thank you....

And sorry about the messy post!

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