Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Monkey D. Luffy and Chicwish!

So I ordered this skirt from Chicwish quite a while back, unaware of the Chinese New Year. Due to celebration of Chinese New Year, it took quite a while for me to recieve. Which I totally respect, but wish I knew before I ordered. But, the package contained a cute little note saying "Grateful for Camilla, Happy New Year!", and I thought it was so cute that I forgot all about it! Also, the skirt was so comfortable and cute that I instantly put it on and wore it to work today.
The cardigan is from b-young, this is the one I bought yesterday. The white top is from Cubus, the necklace from Vero Moda (at least I think it is). Snood - Kappahl, Skirt - Chicwish, Rainbow Galaxy Leggings - Black Milk, Bracelet - gift, Ring - gift, Topshop, Lita shoes - Jeffrey Campell. 

We're sleeping over at my mom's place today, since I have work tomorrow and it's shorter to walk there when I visit her. And it's a great oppurtunity to see my family, including my little kitty Monkey D. Luffy.
This girl means the world to me. She was born wild, but captured to me by my grandma in my darkest period of life. She was my friend through the hardest year of my life. She is so special, and she has the coolest personality. She sings with me and talks with me, she sleeps in my bed and she drools when she's pat. I hate not having her in my appartment, but she wouldn't be happy there. Neither are we allowed to have animals. And I know she's safer at my mom's place. I just miss her a lot. Isn't she beautiful?
I named her after an anime figure, a pirate that expands like rubber!

I genuinly had a good day, work was good and today I don't have to cook, which is even better, haha!
How was your day? :)



  1. Great blog, I'm so glad to be your 1st follower !
    XOXO and Love !

    1. Thank you so much, Tanya! I'm honoured to have you as my first follower!


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