Friday, February 24, 2012

Last night's look and events, and a little update of today aswell..

As some of you might know, I was part of a debate about the problem with overweight children and obesity in general for a while. First of all, this is what I wore : 

I got my Hooded Bodysuit and my Sheer Spartans Leggings from Black Milk on Thursday! Yaay!
I decided to wear my Bodysuit to the debate, along with Burned Velvet Leggings from Black Milk.
Shirt is from Chicwish, jacket from b-young, jewelry from Nasty Gal and shoes from Jeffrey Campbell!

Yet again I'm sorry the show is in Norwegian, but it can be seen here : 

I must say, before and at the start of the debate, I was quite nervous. I had been thinking a lot about the blogpost of Kari Jaquesson before we went on air, and we went on and I had to tell everyone I felt my mom got attacked. My mom who has been my supporter and endless well of love my entire life, whom I love very much. I do understand that maybe parents need to play a bigger role in helping and changing their life style for an overweight child or a child with growing weight, but blaming people for choices and stories made many years ago, won't do anyone any good. This debate was about finding POSITIVE ways of helping obese children and preventing more children of getting obese, so we won't have to go to the point where we need to put them on the operation table, and change their bodies, simply because there is no other way to save their life. I think it's horrible that someone HAS to take the blame, it's much better to find out what we CAN do to help our children. And yes, it is a sensitive subject, which is yet a bigger reason to actually handle the case with setting up goals and changing now and the future, rather than pointing fingers to find a sinner. 
I really hope something good comes out of this, it was a great debate to be part in, and I'm lucky to be a part of such an important case. 

After the debate, we got to sleep at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel! It was a great place, with a bathtub and a huge bed. It was such a great, relaxing ending of a big night. And the sunshine we got in the morning was such a warm welcome to a new day!

This was our bathroom. (Towel warmers, yaaay!)

Such a cozy bed!

Taking a little nap before today's meeting with TOPP.

Good morning! :3

Today, I met up with TOPP - a teenage magazine in Norway. I just have to say that the journalist was great! She was very talkative and nice. She took us to the opera house to take photo's, and I had not been to the opera house yet, so it was great fun! On our way there, we talked about fashion and how much she travelled around to meet different people and celebrities as a part of her job. She was also so nice that she tipped me about a few stores and places I should go to for great clothing treasures (which I appreciated a lot, considering I'm a big Oslo-newb!). I bought a new dress and a pair of shoes : 
I catch myself looking for more colours now. Maybe it's because I'm longing for spring and summer! I bought this dress for Monki, it's a bit dark-toned green with white dots and cute strings on the chest!
The shoes are Oxford-styled (I'm sorry you can't see it that well) I've been wanting a pair for a long time, but I don't know just how much I'll use them, I feel so short in them, haha! So I bought the cheapest pair I could find.

We also ate at NamNam! I am a sucker for chinese and thai food. So I had a bowl of spicy noodle soup with beef! It was so yummy. And the portions there are huge as well, so you get a lot of food for the money!
Doesn't it look tasty? Namnam! I shared this with Wouter.

Now I'm finally back in the appartment, ready to take a weekend off!
Have a great weekend everybody.

I'll throw in a picture of my new Sheer Spartans Leggings as a finisher!


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